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What our customers have been saying

"Not only does MyPictureSoap make a great gift, I love using the soap. I even use it on my face and it's not drying at all."

- Maryanne B., Montgomery, AL

"I'm 84 years old and I've seen a lot of things, but I've never seen anything like this."

- Mike T., Columbia City, IN

"Cool. Very cool!"

- Ana M., Palmdale, CA

"It's so cool I didn't want to use it. But I ran out of soap, so I gave it a try. You know what? It's really nice soap!"

- Sandy P., Ventura, CA

"I love using this as my face soap. It leaves my skin so soft!"

- Cinda, Montgomery, AL

"My most favorite thing I got was my kitty soap!"

- Shirley S., Loma Linda, CA

"The soaps are very cool! I will be presenting this to the PTA as a fundraiser."

- Richard S., Castaic, CA

"Now that was a surprise! A personalized gift! Adorable!"

- Fran L., Chandler, AZ

"I just received the best birthday present! The soaps are precious, I never want to use them. : )"

- Heather F., San Diego, CA

"OMG! The soaps are great… my kids loved them… I would buy for presents and for myself!

- Marjan L., Santa Monica, CA

"Prolly the coolest gift ever!! Love the soap & lulu!! Thanks so very much!!"

- Amy M., San Diego, CA

"My son is getting married in June… so I thought I'd see if they would like to use them as wedding favors."

- Vicky C., Albuquerque, NM

"Everyone at the party loved the soap!"

- Roberta G., Bollingbrook, IL

"They'd make an excellent Christmas gift."

- Jim P., Brookfield, IL

"It looks so good, I don't want to use it… I should hang it hang it on the wall."

- Tony G., Denver, CO

"It looks so good I hate to use it."

- Vito F., Elmhurst, IL

"I know what I'm getting everybody for Christmas!"

- Michelle C., Mesa, AZ

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